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Dagens aktivitet: modelleire og #pepperkaker
Dec. 2, 2018 Dec. 2, 2018, 10:58 a.m.
I like the #idea! How comes not many are using it?
Nov. 23, 2018 Nov. 23, 2018, 10:08 p.m.
Griser er kule dyr #moro
Nov. 7, 2018 Nov. 7, 2018, 7:51 p.m.
Hvem er elgen?
Nov. 7, 2018 Nov. 7, 2018, 5:11 p.m.
There are as many faults in a typical design as in a typical implementation. Yet, we seldom focus on more than one of those domains in Cybersecurity, ensuring vulnerabilities remain cheap to find for threat actors. #securitytruths
Oct. 29, 2018 Oct. 29, 2018, 7:14 p.m.
Too many hard rules makes following them a lesser priority #securitytruths
Oct. 28, 2018 Oct. 28, 2018, 6:47 p.m.
The #securitytalk about software #security at TDC: player.vimeo.com/video/296645191 make threat models, add security requirements, prioritize training, use automated tests, and fix known issues!
Oct. 27, 2018 Oct. 27, 2018, 11:20 p.m.
Saturday! Wine, pizza and movies!
Oct. 27, 2018 Oct. 27, 2018, 11:13 p.m.
October is #cybersecurity month. Today was the last of 3 appsec workshops this month, in Austria and the USA. Hopefully that contributes to more secure software!
Oct. 19, 2018 Oct. 19, 2018, 10:38 p.m.
Dilbert doesn't care about #privacy ⛐ Insecure dilbert.com/
Oct. 19, 2018 Oct. 19, 2018, 1:30 p.m.
I think #privacy is very fun! Read more here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Privacy
Oct. 19, 2018 Oct. 19, 2018, 1:29 p.m.
I hate working IT, but I am doomed to do it. Now I try to escape purgatory by learning django...
Oct. 13, 2018 Oct. 13, 2018, 10:03 p.m.
i am hungrey
Sept. 18, 2018 Sept. 18, 2018, 1:37 p.m.
Color search engine picular.co/
Sept. 4, 2018 Sept. 4, 2018, 3:22 p.m.
Aug. 29, 2018 Aug. 29, 2018, 8:20 p.m.
The world's simplest todo app: hakdo.github.io/saltmine/. It does not save anything or send anything to a web server, it just manages todos in the browser. Close the browser tab and it is all gone forever.
Aug. 22, 2018 Aug. 22, 2018, 10:40 a.m.
Aug. 17, 2018 Aug. 17, 2018, 7:14 p.m.
Good blog post about XSS digi.ninja/blog/svg_xss.php #security
Aug. 16, 2018 Aug. 16, 2018, 11:39 a.m.
How bad is it possible to make a #cookie banner? @Oracle is setting the bar via @TrustArc : doesn't work over takes minutes to complete, and reports all good, even if you block their comms with the ad networks (simulating network problems). #privacy #ux twitter.com/sjefersuper/status/1030022701568675842?s=20
Aug. 16, 2018 Aug. 16, 2018, 11:26 a.m.
#infosecquote You hear terms like HIPAA-, SOX-, or PCI-compliant bandied about by vendors as though they mean something, but they exist only to keep lawyers happy and well paid and it is an easy package to sell. - Will Allsop in "Advanced penetration testing"
Aug. 15, 2018 Aug. 15, 2018, 10:13 p.m.
FBI asks Google for data on all users who were present close to two locations where there had been robberies. Google didn't comply but authorities requesting location data from mobile apps is a very good reason to be skeptical about our #privacy of the future. Surveillance makes investigation easy but the freedoms we lose would be a greater loss than any robbery possibly could. Forbes story here: www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2018/08/15/to-catch-a-robber-the-fbi-attempted-an-unprecendeted-grab-for-google-location-data/#357c2651741d
Aug. 15, 2018 Aug. 15, 2018, 8:36 p.m.
www.woodscreaming.com is an alternative if you want to publish text online for others to view, but you are not interested in being tracked. There are no trackers or invasive ads on this page. This page does not send your content to marketers for analysis. There is no Facebook Pixel, or Google Analytics. It is just a simple web server that will store your texts and display them to the world. You can include links (just type any URL starting with or and hashtags. You will need to create a username and a pssword to use it, but you don't need to give this app your email address. You can create favorite #hashtags to follow. Hope you enjoy your newfound online #privacy, while being able to still shout in the cyber woods for everyone to read. You are welcome to write longer content than 148 characters but it is best to keep it short. And people can comment on your shouts.
Aug. 15, 2018 Aug. 15, 2018, 8:15 a.m.